CCIE Routing and Switching Workbooks

ActualKey offers three separate workbooks designed to assist clients with ccie routing and switching lab preparation. All workbooks come with a companion (second) workbook entitled the Detailed Solution Guide.

The Detailed Solution Guide is a thorough breakdown of all tasks and solutions. Detailed explanations and tips guide clients through these challenging lab scenarios. ActualKey also provides an additional component labeled “Walk-Through Video Tutorials” which is a collection of high definition video based solutions for each workbook. ActualKey’s industry renowned CCIE Instructors walk through the entire lab scenario providing helpful insight, technical tips and tricks. This is essentially a “virtual Instructor” at your fingertips.

Volume 1 is designed to allow candidates to focus on individual protocols and technologies on the current CCIE R&S 4.0 Lab blueprint. Volume 1 consists of 34 sections / lab scenarios that each take 2 to 8 hours to complete.

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Volume 2 is a collection of twenty (20) 8-hour mock lab exams. The mock labs are full-blown labs that include technologies and protocols seen on the new CCIE R&S 4.0 Lab blueprint. The Volume 2 lab scenarios provide clients the ability to work with all technologies together allowing clients to gauge their level of understanding these technologies and protocols. These lab scenarios are a “bridge” between Volume 1 protocol / technology focused labs and our Volume 3 mock labs and should be used to ease the transition from Volume 1 to Volume 3.

Volume 3 is a collection of ten (10) 8-hour mock lab exams. Each mock lab exam in Volume 3 is designed to be more challenging than the Cisco’s CCIE R&S 4.0 lab. These labs all have Troubleshooting and Configuration sections (all components of the new CCIE R&S 4.0 Lab). These are without question the industry’s most up-to-date and complex scenarios available. Once mastered clients will have the knowledge and understanding of their readiness for the Cisco CCIE R&S 4.0 Lab exam.

First, you should print out the Exam Blueprint of your chosen CCIE Workbooks and get some folders and notebooks. Now, start playing. No, really, I mean it. Play around with the equipment, trying out different configurations and conditions. Reference books and study guides on the CCIE lab go through, in detail, various protocols and network links and everything else you’ll need to know. They often have sample labs or mini-scenarios for each topic.

Need more? How about free stuff? It’s called the Documentation CD and it’s from Cisco themselves. Look at the IOS configuration guides, or the Catalyst 3550 configuration guides, for example. These provide some configuration explanations of each of the things that IOS has to offer.

That’ll keep you up-to-date on all the CCIE-related Cisco technologies; but take it all one step at a time. As I’ve said before, walk before you run. As you build up your experience, you’ll gradually start adding things together.

Start with the basics, then look at what you’ve built and ask yourself, “How can I make this more complicated?” And always remember to redo things you’ll learn things quicker with repetition and practice. Though they might’ve looked simple and easy enough in your books, real life is tough and things might not work out as they do on paper.

This can be a good thing. Besides strengthening your basic understanding of ccie voice lab bootcamp, you need to learn what to do when things go badly. Believe me, they will go badly. If you’re in the middle of your eight-hour lab exam and things go badly, you’ll need the experience and patience to conquer these obstacles.

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