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Here is a list of resources that I have put together from several posts ccie online training regarding what people are using as they prepare for their exams. Hopefully someone will find it useful. I will update as time allows and if someone suggests a change. I will be going through the many posts on this site to gather what users are finding in regards to usability and accuracy. I do not want to post any sites that would be considered as a brain dump. Some of the sites may include some older information, but also have valid information. If there is a site here that is known to have faulty information or braindump like qualities, please let me know. I am trying to go through them as completely as I can.

This chapter covers general networking concepts listed in the CCIE Security blueprint for the written exam. The CCIE blueprint lists some example topics that define general networking, including switching, TCP/IP, routed and routing protocols, PPP, ISDN, and asynchronous communications.

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The CCIE Security written exam contains approximately 50 percent security questions and approximately 50 percent general networking questions. This chapter prepares you for the general networking questions. Although the CCIE Security written exam blueprint lists some specific networking topics, it does not, for example, mention Frame Relay, which might appear on the exam. This chapter covers many of the listed and a few of the unlisted general networking topics.

Although these topics are not extensively defined in the blueprint, the ccie sp online training might include topics taken from the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam blueprint. This chapter endeavors to cover all bases and provide quality test examples to ensure that you are well prepared to tackle the general networking questions you encounter in the examination.

This chapter covers the following topics:
Networking basics, The OSI model, concepts, and functions. Topics include the seven layers of the OSI model and common examples (TCP/IP).
Switching and bridging, The process today’s networks use to switch packets and traditional bridging methods. Virtual LANs, spanning tree, and Ethernet Channel are discussed.

Routing IP The most widely used routed protocol in today’s Internet, IP, and the routing protocols available on Cisco routers, such as RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP.

IOS commands and configuration examples demonstrate the power of routing IP on Cisco routers. PPP, ISDN, Frame Relay, IP Multicast, and Async. Two of the most widely used dialup protocols are PPP and ISDN. Frame Relay is covered briefly to ensure that you have a good understanding of the common ccie rs online training terminology used in today’s networks. IP multicast and async protocols are also covered.

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