C2070-983 IBM Content Navigator V2.0.2, Solution Designer

Test information:
Number of questions: 57
Time allowed in minutes: 120
Required passing score: 66%
Languages: English

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Solution Designer – Content Navigator V2.0.2

The test contains seven sections, totaling 66 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 – Architecture, Concepts and Functionalities (30%)
Demonstrate knowledge of ICN architecture
Demonstrate understanding of ICN key functionalities
Demonstrate understanding of Search
Demonstrate understanding of Browse
Demonstrate understanding of Teamspaces
Demonstrate understanding of Workflows
Demonstrate understanding of Viewers
Demonstrate understanding of ICN mobile functionality
Demonstrate an understanding of ICN prerequisites

Section 2 – Requirements Analysis and Solution Design (16%)
Demonstrate the ability to identify applicable ICN features and extention points
Demonstrate understanding of provisioning Desktops to support business goals
Show knowledge in determining security requirements
Show knowledge in determing overall system component architecture

Section 3 – Configuring and Customizing ICN (26%)
Demonstrate knowledge of ICN repository configuration
Show knowledge of Desktop customization
Demonstrate a knowledge of Appearance customization
Demonstrate a knowledge of Menu customization
Demonstrate knowledge of mobile features configuration
Demonstrate an understanding of Teamspace self-provisioning

Section 4 – Extending ICN (23%)
Demonstrate knowledge of technologies used for plugin development
Demonstrate a knowledge of plug-in architecture and functionalities
Demonstrate knowledge of External Data Services (EDS)
Demonstrate knowledge of distinguishing EDS from a Filter Plug-in
Demonstrate an understanding of technologies used for mobile development
Demonstrate an understanding of workflow extention points

Section 5 – Solution Testing and Deployment (5%)
Explain the steps required to move a solution between dev, test and production environments

Show knowledge of ICN logging and basic troubleshooting

IBM Certified Solution Designer – Content Navigator V2.0.2

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This intermediate level certification test certifies that the successful candidate has the knowledge to create the theoretical and/or detailed technical design of an application, solution, infrastructure using IBM Content Navigator V2.0.2. Provide expertise to evaluate and choose between alternatives; assist with balancing costs with capabilities and priorities. Identify products / technologies / processes to be included, and determine points of required integration and customization. Identify sizing and capacity issues, as well as conflicts with existing processes or environments.

The person performing these functions is generally self-sufficient and is able to perform most of the tasks involved in the role with limited assistance from peers or support services.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills
Before preparing for this certification, basic understanding of the following is recommended and assumed for your environment:

Knowledge of Content Navigator components: Browsing, Search, and Workflow, Administration, Teamspaces
Knowledge of IBM Enterprise Content Management base platforms
Knowledge of databases
Knowledge of Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)
Knowledge of application servers
Knowledge of developing Web 2.0/Ajax applications
Knowledge of iOS mobile platform
Knowledge of mobile application development
Knowledge of High-Level Architecture of ICN (Different Layers)
Knowledge of plug-ins and Extension Points


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