Manage Your Color Schemes Through i1Xtreme

Have you ever come across a situation when you are stuck at a point where you want to give best quality to your photograph or picture, but are unable to do so due to the problem of an inadequate hardware. To avoid such situation and the consequent frustration, a hardware named i1Xtreme would be helpful. i1Xtreme is a hardware device that work wonders on any kind of color management scheme. The picture need not necessarily be on your laptop or computer screen rather it can control or measure colors on digital cameras, displays, scanners, projectors and printers of any shape and size. This can be done with the help of the ilBeamer kit that comes with the package.


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All the necessary tools are provided in the i1Xtreme, so the flow of color gets implemented beautifully and successfully. The most important factor regarding the i1Xtreme is that it is extremely flexible and can handle any color related management scheme at any point. The new “Accelerated i1Pro” device and the famous i1Match software comes inclusive in i1Xtreme. i1Share software is another such power packed device that can be used proficiently.

The Eye One (i1) Xtreme has some unique benefits and features :

Each time you use the new accelerated i1Xtreme Pro,the speed and efficiency of the measurements increase gradually.
The ruler system that comes along is easy and sophisticated enabling one hand scanning which can be used easily with or without the backup board as well.
The backup board along with a white surface can scan materials up to 3mm and is thereby easily foldable.
Global color editing on profiles is simplified through Eye One (i1) Editor.
In order to have greater visibility and usability, features such as “how to video” and “optical beep” are added.
No extra cable is required as it is USB powered.
It has simple edit functions required for regular editing purpose.

i1Xtreme is a hardware device with which you can enjoy your editing and assemble your creations the way you want to with minimum stress and tension. It is extremely easy to use and gives result according to your needs and preference.

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