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Businesses? Are You Making the Most of the Internet?



The online retail industry is the largest such industry in the world, with revenues exceeding well over £100 billion in the UK alone. This represents a massive potential source of revenue to any business that can operate on the online market. There many types of business that can operate an online retail section, here we will take a closer look at these types of business. Then, we will discuss how to go about setting up an ecommerce site, including which companies offer the best ecommerce website design solutions in the UK.

Which Types of Business Can Benefit from an Ecommerce Website?



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• Any business that sells goods and services can usually benefit from an ecommerce site. Those that will benefit most

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notably are businesses that mail out their orders. Therefore, if your business operates a mail-order branch then an ecommerce solution should help you to gain more sales.

• B2B companies. B2B, or business to business, companies can benefit from ecommerce. B2B companies are those that sell their products to other businesses, rather than to consumers. For example, wholesalers and distributors. Having an ecommerce business can make it easier to source new customers; it will also make it easier for your customers to change suppliers – particularly if you furnish them with a price list for comparison costs. Your business clients will find it far more convenient to use an ecommerce site, than the traditional methods (e.g. phoning and placing an order) everything they need is in one place and this reduces the time they spend on ordering goods – time is money, so anything you can do to help will go down favourably with your customers.

• Service providers often benefit from an ecommerce website, particularly those that publish regular reports, magazines or newsletters. Using an ecommerce site will safe your company money on mailings, and will create a platform with which to interact with your service users.

How to Create an Ecommerce Website
You can purchase various software packages that will help you with ecommerce website design. Many of these packages are easy to navigate and simple to use. However, we recommend that if you offer specialist goods or services, that you make use of a professional ecommerce web design company, as they will be able to create a bespoke website that offers you exactly what you need.

A good ecommerce solution will do far more than simply ‘set up shop’; it will also help you to:

1. Manage your inventory: so that you know when to order new stocks.
2. Allow customers to see related products, and therefore reduce the time they spend searching for goods.
3. Provide you with sales reports and analysis: so that you can establish which products sell well and which do not, which are seasonal and which are regular. This will then help you to make more of an informed choice of which products to buy and when to buy them.
4. Can be set up to accept multiple currencies, making it easier to export products.


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