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Mcts 70-506 Training

You will fall in love with our powerful Microsoft 70-506 70-506 which is available for download once you make a subscription. The 70-506 are injected with power via this very ready-to-install Microsoft MCTS exam engine. Experience our Pass4Sure 70-506 by opting for Virtual mode and undergo a real-life testing environment. You would conveniently be able to analyze deeply into all the listed sections of the 70-506 exam. Jot down, make notes and go through them repeatedly for better learning and preparation. Track your performance, master your skills and customize your practice with BeITCertified real answers.

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70-506 Exam
The 70-506 Exam is written and formatted by Certified Senior IT Professionals working in today’s prospering companies and data centers all over the world! The Microsoft 70-506 Exam covers all the exam topics and objectives and will prepare you for success quickly and efficiently. The MCTS exam is very challenging, but with our 70-506 Exam, you can feel confident in obtaining your success on the Microsoft MCTS exam on your FIRST TRY.

Mcts 70-506 Training
Mcts 70-506 Training are unique in the sense that they can be accessed worldwide anywhere with only access to internet. Typical classrooms requiring Microsoft 70-506 (TS: Silverlight 4, Development) Mcts 70-506 Training and hideous schedules is no longer a headache for you, Mcts 70-506 Training from Dumps 4 Exam is the best solution. Pass the Microsoft Exam on your time and schedule.

70-506 pass
If you only purchase 70-506 pass to prepare for the MCTS 70-506 exam, unfortunately, you have chosen a time-consuming and expensive way. Good learning method determines the success. Contrary to traditional real exam, MeasureUp 70-506 pass are not only inexpensive and being easily mastered, but can be served as a good complement as well. You can use the MCTS real questions to enrich yourself at anytime.

70-506 study guide
To get a future education in the Microsoft MCTS field, you may have trouble in preparing for the Microsoft MCTS certification exam. ExamCollection team has carefully designed practice test and professional Microsoft 70-506 certified training system to help you. These series of 70-506 study guide and pre-test learning resources fully enrich your related professional knowledge, then help you easily obtain Microsoft 70-506 exam certificate. We 100% guarantee the professionalism of our exam training and your passing 70-506 exam. Try it and good luck. Before you make your decision to buy our product, you can try our free Demo for Microsoft 70-506 (TS: Silverlight 4, Development) Exam. You can try it online or download it. In this way, you will know the quality and usability of our 70-506 study guide and make your best choice.

Microsoft 70-630 Q & A / Study Guide


MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at You have just the completed the
insertion of new content in the root site. However, later that day the users complained that the new
content is not added in the search results when they run searches on the root site. You need to
make sure that the relevant content is included in query results.
What actions should you take to perform this task?

A. The best option is to set the Complete Through constraint.
B. The best option is to reset the crawled content and start a full crawl.
C. The best option is to set the Resource Center view.
D. The best option is to edit the CSS style sheet to include the new content.

Answer: B


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at One of branch offices
consists of a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain. You have received instructions from
the CIO to extend SharePoint user profiles to include the userID property from the users’ domain accounts.
What actions should you take to perform this task?

A. The best option is to add a Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) server.
B. The best option is to create a custom Microsoft Management Console that can access the branch office.
C. The best option is to create a new user profile property that is configured with import mapping.
D. The best option is to run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration.

Answer: C


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at The network contains a
SharePoint Portal Server 2003 server named ABC-SR44. ABC-SR44 hosts a SharePoint portal
that is accessed through a hyperlink on the users’ client computers.
The hyperlink points to
You want to migrate ABC-SR44 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. You need to
ensure that the SharePoint portal will be accessible after the migration.
What actions should you take to perform this task?

A. By running the stsadm command with the osearch operator.
B. By editing the hyperlink so it will point to the new URL of the migrated content.
C. By running the stsadm command with the enumsites operator.
D. By enabling the Shared Services Provider Synchronizing job.

Answer: B


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at contains a Microsoft
Content Management Server 2002 computer named ABC-SR11. You have received instructions
from the CIO to uABCrade ABC-SR11 to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007.
What actions should you take to perform this task?

A. The best option is to run the stsadm command with the addwppack operator.
B. The best option is to run the stsadm command with the installfeature operator.
C. The best option is to run the CMS Assessment utility on ABC-SR11.
D. The best option is to run the Optimize HTML command in SharePoint Designer.

Answer: C


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at has a Development
department with a database server named ABC-DB02. ABC-DB02 hosts a database named CkdProducts. has implemented a Web application in the SharePoint site that must access data in CkdProducts.
What actions should you take?

A. The best option is to obtain and install an application definition file from the Development department.
B. The best option is to enable the Save for Sharing option, then save CkdProducts in the Development department.
C. The best option is to save CkdProducts as a Microsoft Excel 2007 worksheet.
D. The best option is to create a custom group in the Site Settings page to the trusted file locations list.

Answer: A


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at has a Web site named
testdocs that is hosted by an Internet service provider (ISP). Anonymous authentication is
configured on testdocs. adds a Microsoft Excel 2007 spread sheet to testdocs. However, you have received
complaints from users that they get access denied errors when trying to use Excel
Services to access the spreadsheets.
What step should you perform to resolve this problem?

A. You should consider configuring a new Excel Services trusted file location.
B. You should consider selecting the Enable logging option.
C. You should consider configuring the Event Throttling feature.
D. You should consider editing the application.master file.

Answer: A


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at has a Sales department
that stores documents in a SharePoint site. The site has a list view Web part named
ABCCustomers that is populated with the names of customers.
You have received instructions from the CIO to add another Web part that will allow the Sales department
members to filter the names displayed on the ABCCustomers Web part.
How would you accomplish this?

A. By adding a Text Filter Web part.
B. By adding a DropDown List on the Web part.
C. By replacing the ABCCustomers Web part with a GridView.
D. By using the view in the team builder.

Answer: A


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at You have received instructions from
the CIO to create a new SharePoint site based on the Report Center template. The site must have
a new page with the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and the Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
Details Access Web parts.
What actions should you take?

A. The best option is to add a new dashboard page.
B. The best option is to add a pivot table on the Article page layout.
C. The best option is to add a State field on the News Home page layout.
D. The best option is to edit the default.master file on the Document Center template.

Answer: A


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at The network has a
database server named ABC-DB30 that is running Microsoft SQL Server 2005. has
acquired a Marketing Data Catalog (MDC) application that will access a database hosted on ABCDB30.
To ensure productivity throughout the company you need to make sure that the information
exposed via the Marketing Data Catalog (MDC) application is available in the search results.
What actions should you take to perform this task?

A. By having the information displayed in the Resources Earned Value view.
B. By having Project selected from the View Type list in order to display the resource data.
C. By having the application.master file edited using an ASCII editor.
D. By having the default access account implemented for the Marketing Data Catalog (MDC)

Answer: D


You work as a SharePoint Server administrator at You have received instructions from
the CIO to implement a new SharePoint site. The CIO wants the site to have a key performance
indicator (KPI) list, a data connections library and a reference library.
How would you accomplish this?

A. The best option is to add a new pivot chart.
B. The best option is to add a new dashboard page.
C. The best option is to add a new State field.
D. The best option is to add a new Project Center page.

Answer: B



MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at

Microsoft adds RAW photo file support to Windows

Some welcome news for serious photographers running Windows: Microsoft has added support for the RAW file format from within Windows Explorer as well as Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011.


Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at


“Dealing with raw images on Windows hasn’t always been easy,” admited Brad Weed, group program manager for Microsoft’s Windows Live in a blog post emailed to me in advance of its posting.

Microsoft today announced the release of a Camera Codec Pack that supports more than 120 RAW file formats from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Leica, Minolta, Panasonic and Epson. Once installed, Explorer windows will be able to generate thumbnail images from RAW files.

RAW files, often called digital negatives, include all the data that a camera captures electronically. That data is usually processed in some way to produce a viewable image, a bit like film negatives need processing to create prints. Many photography enthusiasts prefer shooting with a RAW format because 1) those files include much more data than a JPG and 2) RAW gives them greater control over what the final image will look like, much like doing your own darkroom work instead of sending film out to be processed. (Am I dating myself here?)
RAW files in Windows Explorer before the Codec
RAW files as they appeared in Windows Explorer before the Camera Codec Pack

However, not all software can deal with RAW files, including many low-end image editors. Until today, Windows Explorer didn’t, either; Explorer could not generate thumbnail images of RAW files the way it did with JPGs. So, even if you chose to display image thumbnails within Explorer, all you’d get is icons showing the application you’ve associated with that file type. (I’ve linked my RAW files to be opened in Photoshop Elements, hence the PSE).
RAW files in Windows Explorer using the Codec
RAW files as they appear in Windows Explorer using the Camera Codec Pack

I’m not sure how many people will be using Windows Live Photo Gallery to edit RAW files. It’s hard to imagine that many photographers shooting RAW are using Windows Live to edit their images, as opposed to, say, robust editors such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom or Apple Apeture — all of which include RAW editors. However, the ability to see RAW thumbnails in Explorer should be useful for hobbyists using the Windows platform. I’ve already downloaded and installed the Codec on my Windows 7 system at home, and it’s nice to see thumbnails of my RAW files instead of icons of the software I use to open them. And I suppose the Windows Live capability could in handy in a pinch, for someone encountering a RAW file who doesn’t usually deal with them.

You can download and install the Codec Pack manually from the Microsoft Download Center.

If you’re wondering, Mac OS X is already able to generate thumbnails for RAW files, and Apple’s consumer-level iPhoto software pulls in RAW files and automatically processes them (unlike Apeture which gives the user more control over that conversion).

Microsoft settles suit against alleged botnet hoster

Microsoft said today

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that a Czech Republic-based provider of free domains has agreed to pull the plug on botnet activities using his subdomains, as part of a settlement of a lawsuit the software giant filed in September to shut down the Kelihos botnet.

The suit, filed in federal court in Virginia, named Dominique Alexander Piatti and his domain company, Dotfree Group SRO, as defendants, alleging that they were involved in hosting the Kelihos botnet. Infected computers in that operation, also known as “Waledac 2.0” after a previous botnet that Microsoft shut down last

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year, were used to send unregulated pharmaceutical and other spam, to harvest e-mails and passwords, to conduct fraudulent stock scams and, in some cases, to promote sites dealing with sexual exploitation of children. Subdomains also were allegedly used to spread the MacDefender scareware.

MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

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“Since the Kelihos takedown, we have been in talks with Mr. Piatti and dotFREE Group s.r.o. and, after reviewing the evidence voluntarily provided by Mr. Piatti, we believe that neither he nor his business were involved in controlling the subdomains used to host the Kelihos botnet. Rather, the controllers of the Kelihos botnet leveraged the subdomain services offered by Mr. Piatti’s domain,” Richard Domingues Boscovich, senior attorney for Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, wrote in a blog post.

As part of the settlement, Piatti

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has agreed to delete or transfer to Microsoft all the subdomains that were used to operate the botnet or for other illegitimate purposes, according to Boscovich. Piatti and his company also have agreed to work with Microsoft to prevent abuse of free subdomains and to establish a secure free top level domain going forward, he said.

“By gaining control of the subdomains, we are afforded an inside look at the Kelihos botnet, giving us the opportunity to learn which unique IP addresses are infected with the botnet’s malware,” Boscovich wrote.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit against the 22 other unnamed defendants is pending, Microsoft said.

The Kelihos botnet comprised about 41,000 infected computers worldwide and was capable of sending 3.8 billion spam e-mails per day, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft has been aggressive in moving to put botnets out of business. Kelihos is the third botnet–following Waledac, and Rustock earlier this year–that Microsoft has taken down using legal and technical measures.

The Cloud Makes a Big Difference to Small Businesses

Microsoft announces winners of the Office 365: Ready for Work Contest.

What do a customized wheelchair, an all-natural bar of soap, a calming yoga class for kids, an engaging community magazine and international relief supplies organization have in common? These products and services are all delivered by small businesses to a growing customer base.

Each business also happens to be among the winners in the Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Work Contest. The business owners have several traits in common, including a passion for their work, a strong desire to help people, and a deep resolve to approach challenges with unique products and services.

The Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Work Contest winners include the following:

Imagination Yoga in Portland, Ore.

Independence on Wheels in Nashville, Tenn.

Naturally Me in Durham, N.C.

Showcase Magazine in Danville, Va.

Tri-Med in London, U.K. and Peterborough, N.H.

MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at

The winners were selected from hundreds of applicants who entered the contest starting on April 18 and shared their stories on the Microsoft Office 365 Facebook page. They described aspirations and challenges for their businesses, efforts to make a difference in the lives of others, and plans for using technology to communicate better with employees, customers and business partners, all while balancing family and work schedules.
Chaundra Smith, owner of Naturally Me, makes hand-crafted, natural and vegan-certified products for hands, face and body.
Chaundra Smith, owner of Naturally Me, makes hand-crafted, natural and vegan-certified products for hands, face and body.
Click for larger image.

To help transform the way they work, the winners will receive Microsoft Office 365 free for a year for up to 25 employees. The five businesses also will each receive $25,000 to use toward business advertising, a check for $25,000 and a Microsoft executive for a day — who will work at the winner’s business or charity of choice.

“Office 365 gives people new ways to work together, on virtually any device, and collaborate in a simple and secure way,” said Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president, Microsoft Office Division. “The technology is no longer reserved for larger organizations; small companies like the contest

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winners can bring their business dreams to life with collaboration tools, social networks and unified communications to improve the way they work.”

Office 365 brings together Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online in an always-up-to-date cloud service, with a predictable monthly subscription. Because Microsoft Office applications are at the heart of Office 365, small business favorites such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and other Office applications also connect to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync to deliver a comprehensive solution for communication and collaboration.

With Office 365, the contest winners will be able to communicate easily with their employees and customers, using instant messaging and virtual meetings with colleagues who may be just down the hall or across continents. They can work on files and documents at the same time and exchange ideas as easily as they can share calendars.

More About the Winners

Below are summaries of the winners of the Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Work Contest.

Imagination Yoga: Portland, Ore.
Business Owners: Jessica McClintic, Jamie Hopkins, Jon Hopkins

Imagination Yoga is on a mission to inspire kids to move. The company uses yoga concepts, storytelling and creativity to spark children’s imaginations and get them exercising. It also gives kids the tools to help them breathe, relax, build self-confidence and practice kindness. Imagination Yoga is taught in local classrooms, and the company donates a portion of the proceeds earned back to the schools. The Imagination Yoga team wants to reach more schools and families across the country to introduce them to the many benefits of yoga and a healthy lifestyle.

The owners, who are siblings, will use Office 365 to help the company market to its primary audience and create an efficient system that will allow schools and families to enroll in classes online — saving everyone time and money.

Independence on Wheels: Nashville, Tenn.
Business Owner: Albert Baxter
Learn more about Office 365

Independence on Wheels changes the lives of people with limited mobility. The company specializes in customized wheelchairs, helping clients achieve independence. Owner Albert Baxter is passionate about his business and says there is no greater feeling than knowing his company has helped change someone’s life.

Because Baxter and his employees travel frequently for business, his company will use Office 365 to bring all of its work tools and applications into one cohesive environment, with the ability to access information anywhere, especially smartphones. Working with Office 365, Independence on Wheels will be able to free up more time to deliver clients their customized wheels, so they can gain their independence and mobility faster.

Naturally Me: Durham, N.C.
Business Owner: Chaundra Smith

Naturally Me manufactures natural, vegan-certified products for body, home and pets. Founder and owner Chaundra Smith started creating all-natural products for her daughter, who needed gentler soaps and lotions than were available in stores. Today, each Naturally Me product follows a strict certification process with quality ingredients, before being certified vegan.

With Office 365, Smith plans to set up a remote office, which will allow the company’s consultants and staff to lower their carbon footprint by telecommuting — creating a virtual

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team site and all the tools needed to create, share and collaborate together from anywhere. The move to Office 365 will save Naturally Me time and money and will give Smith and her consultants more opportunities to grow the business and spend time with family.

Showcase Magazine: Danville, Va.
Business Owner: Scott Brooks

Showcase Magazine works hard to expose all that is good about its community of Danville, Va. The region is economically depressed — resulting from the loss of its two main industries, tobacco and textiles, over the past few years. Although its residents face challenges, Showcase Magazine highlights all that is positive about the area, with inspirational stories about people and businesses that have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. The magazine is free to the community, and is often the first thing visitors or prospective business owners will read when they travel to Danville.

Scott Brooks and his team will use Office 365 to work more efficiently. The magazine’s contributors often work from home or are mobile. Since team members have many duties, Office 365 will give them the ability to work wherever they are, while juggling responsibilities. Brooks believes collaboration is the key to the magazine’s creative success, and the flexibility of Office 365 will allow its contributors to focus on ideas, not computers.

Tri-Med Group: London, U.K. and Peterborough, N.H.
Business Owner: Peter Smith

Tri-Med supplies goods and services — including blankets, food and emergency shelter — to the international relief and development community, including United Nations and Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations. While technology has made operations easier for Tri-Med, which often opens temporary offices in different countries in response to major disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, famines and tsunamis, there is still room for improvement. When disaster strikes, time is critical, and communication is the lifeline to get people what they need to survive.

Tri-Med plans to use Office 365 to

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work seamlessly over several time zones, while monitoring the supply process and preparing proposals and reports on a round-the-clock basis, from virtually anywhere in the world. Making a difference to people in profound need is at the heart of business collaboration for Tri-Med.

Facebook Launches Translation Tool Powered By Bin

The relationship between Bing and Facebook just got deeper. Facebook and Bing are

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already collaborating on Bing Social search results, Bing maps powering Facebook’s location services and now on Bing Translator for Facebook pages.

MCTS Training, MCITP Trainnig

Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at

By this new feature on Facebook, people can enjoy Facebook Page content

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regardless of the languages that they know, they can click translate button next to like button to do the translation in their language. The service is powered by Bing Translator/Microsoft Translator.

From Facebook’s announcement,

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