Test information:
Number of questions: 47
Time allowed in minutes: 60
Required passing score: 78%
Languages: English, Japanese

The Cognos 10 BI Administrator exam covers key concepts, technologies, and functionality of the Cognos products. In preparation for an exam, we recommend a combination of training and hands-on experience, and a detailed review of product documentation.

Manage Administrative Content (11%)
Define the steps of creating a data source
Define the steps and options to deploy content from one Cognos 10 environment to another

Manage Report Content (21%)
Identify techniques to organize report content in the portal
Describe techniques to manage report content
Describe the technique to allow users to navigate from one report to another

Manage the Server Environment (51%)
Identify Cognos 10 architecture and components
Describe how Cognos 10 processes requests
Identify installation options and configurations
Identify load balancing options
Describe tasks to implement baseline configuration and performance tuning in Cognos 10
Describe tasks used to manage dispatchers and services
Describe how to implement logging
Identify troubleshooting techniques and resources in the server environment

Manage the Security Environment (17%)
Define how authentication is implemented in Cognos 10
Define how authorization is achieved and implemented in Cognos 10

After the installation of IBM Cognos BI, what must be done to ensure that only select users have unrestricted access to Public Folders in IBM Cognos Connection?

A. Add the Anonymous user to the Directory Administrators role.
B. Remove the Everyone group from the Server Administrators role.
C. Remove the Everyone group from the System Administrators role.
D. Remove the All Authenticated Users group from the Directory Administrators role.

Answer: C

To administer the contents of namespaces, the administrator must be a member of which predefined role?

A. Report Administrators
B. Server Administrators
C. Directory Administrators
D. System Administrators

Answer: C

What permission is needed to view and change the permissions of a IBM Cognos BI object?

A. Read
B. Set Policy
C. Traverse
D. Execute

Answer: B


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