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Complex Full Explanation of technological 1 a. Having exclusive and often realistic expertise specifically of the technical or medical matter < a technological consultant> w. Designated by or characteristic of expertise & lt; complex language> 2 a. Of or regarding an issue that is certain w. Referring to a subject that was practical or of arranged on lt medical rules &; gt & a specialized college; c. technological 1 3 a. Centered on or designated with an appropriate or tight meaning b. legal 6 5.

Theyve recognized a emergency petition to guard veterans’ firearm rights.

Of or created by normal commercial techniques without being afflicted by special refinement < technological acid> 6. Concerning or caused as being a distinct mechanism not swayed by macroeconomic components < a specialized move&gt by the operating of the marketplace; View specialized explained for English-language learners View technological described for kids Types of specialized in a word For those who have any issues with your new computer, you can expect 24hour tech support team. Since the system experienced problems I best-essay-s missed the primary 10 minutes of the present,. Technological specialists assessed the info. A real officer was hired by the videois director like a specialized advisor. A pianist with skills that are technical that are great The composition is not too nontechnical for me. The more details of their study May be the technical name for the making of maps.

Photograph by, courtesy of luis markovic.

He’s utilizing the word in its specialized sense. Source of complex Traditional technikos of art, skilled, from techn art, craft, skill; similar to Traditional tektn designer, father, Latin texere to place, Sanskrit taksati he ways First Known Use: 1617

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