Exam MB6-704 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 Development Introduction

You have two tables named Table l and Table2. There is a relationship between the tables.
You need to display data from both tables in a form.
How should you create the data source for the form?

A. Add both tables to a perspective and use the perspective as the data source.
B. Create a new table named Table3 that is related to Table l and Table2. Use Tables as the data source.
C. Add both tables to a map and use the map as the data source.
D. Add both tables to a query and use the query as the data source.

Answer: D

You plan to import a .xpo file to Dynamics AX.
You need to identify which changes the .xpo code will make to the Dynamics AX environment prior to importing the .xpo file,
Which tool should you use?

A. The Compare tool
B. The Code profiler
C. The X++ compiler
D. The Tracing cockpit

Answer: A

You are writing logic to fetch data from a database. The logic will use a select statement.
You need to identify which keyword to use to fetch a single record from the database.
Which keyword should you use?

A. FirstFast
B. ForUpdate
C. Exists
D. FirstOnly

Answer: D

You need to identify which permission can be set only on a form that has date effective data.
Which permission should you identify?

A. Correct
B. Create
C. Delete
D. Read
E. Update

Answer: A

You need to identify which elements the Reverse engineer tool will provide for a data model.
Which three elements should you identify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A. Table methods
B. Classes
C. Table fields
D. Base enumerations
E. Extended data types (EDTs)

Answer: C,D,E


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