GREmailRobot: Powerful email automation (and cheap!)

GREmailRobot is a powerful SMTP and POP3 Windows utility that can perform sophisticated email filtering, modification, and routing tasks at an incredibly low price.

Wouldn’t you like to take control of your email and be able to filter and manipulate it it without a Big Brother organization such as Google or Yahoo being able to look over your virtual shoulder?

Filtering and manipulation really matter these days because we’re drowning in email; we’re forced to wade through oceans of “junk” just to find the pools of useful stuff we really need that we then need to organize.

I think Google’s Gmail does a great job of organizing messages (and getting rid of spam) so that you can sort the wheat from the chaff (though I know many people who loathe Gmail with a surprising passion which is odd because most of them are still on Outlook which they also seem to despise).

Even so, Gmail’s filters, importance ranking, labeling, and categorization are a huge improvement over any other Web mail service and, dare I say, over Outlook. On the other hand, The Google gets to see everything you send and receive and the automated parts their filtering and classifying don’t always do exactly what you want.

If, however you want to get serious about taking a do-it-yourself approach to email handling you might want to consider GRSoftware’s GREmailRobot for Windows.

GREmailRobot is a small n SMTP and POP3 client (just under 4MB installed) which boasts a remarkable array of features. You can run it from the command line or install it as a Windows service and it will examine the message based on a list of “jobs” and perform operations on each message.

A job, which can be set to run only after a certain date and time, can examine a message’s :

Attached file names

GREmailRobot edit job GRSoftware
Then, based on a range of conditionals, operations can be performed on the message contents and attachments including:

Unzip attached file (overwrite existing)
Unzip attached file (NOT overwrite existing)
Save attached file (overwrite existing)
Save attached file (NOT overwrite existing)
Save the message body text (NOT overwrite existing)
Save the message body text (overwrite existing)
Save the original message (NOT overwrite existing)
Save the original message (overwrite existing)
Do Nothing
Save the message body text (overwrite existing)
Save the original message (NOT overwrite existing)
Save the original message (overwrite existing)
Forward the message to a specified email address
Leave or delete the message from the email server.
Notify you by email when an action has been done.
Execute each Job only after a specified date.
Can execute an application with optional parameters in order to pass to it pieces of the message or attached file names to be processed.
Execute some simple macros inside the body text.
Rename the attached files before saving them.
Change the destination path using the body or subject of the email message.

GREmailRobot log GRSoftware

All jobs are logged and the only You can obviously use this software for sophisticated filtering and routing but there’s a lot more potential; GRSoftware suggests some novel uses:

If you need to update or transfer some files from one computer to another but, for security reasons, you do not want to install any software that can open unwanted ports in your computer then Email Robot will solves this problem using email messages. You can easily zip your files and then create a “custom” email message so that the Email Robot software on the other computer can find and handle it the way you want. Optionally you can also execute a specified application that will process the received  files. Of course this is not the only problem you can solve. Email Robot can automatically handle your email accounts the way you define with simple rules. The program can also be used as a backup software to receive your data from another computer using email transfers.

Also check out an example of using GREmailRobot to remotely control a snowmelt system by email … way cool.

That’s a lot of functionality in a small, easy to understand package and when you consider that GREmailRobot is priced at just $39 for the Workstation Edition and $79 for the Server Edition, it’s a steal.

GREmailRobot is a terrific tool and gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5.


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