Windows 8 Release Preview coming in June

So far Win 8 is more popular than Windows 7 was
The next prerelease version of Windows 8 will be available in about six weeks, inching closer to a final product that is still expected to launch this fall.

Microsoft’s Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky announced that the Windows 8 Release Preview version will be ready for download the first week of June, with no date specified, according to a tweet on the Building Windows 8 @BuildWindows8 account.

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A photo accompanying the tweet says he made the announcement at the Windows 8 Developers Day in Japan today.

The company says that so far the currently available Windows 8 Consumer Preview version of the software is twice as popular at this point than its predecessor Windows 7 was based on the number of downloads. The company didn’t say how many downloads that is, but claimed it is used by millions of people per day.

Sinovsky gave no details about what the difference will be between the Consumer Preview and the Release Preview will be. He also made no mention of when or if there will be a preview of Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 that will be sold only in combination with hardware that is based on ARM processors.

Noted for its radical new look and reliance on touch, Windows 8 is inviting a new round of application development to accommodate what the company calls Metro style. This is noted for its heavy use of touch navigation and commands as well as its graphics, which rely heavily on text and brightly colored rectangular icons to move around.

Other versions of Windows 8 are called Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise, each geared toward a different market.


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