The Steps to MCITP Certification

With each refreshment comes the need for additional windows 7 enterprise desktop support technician before you take the refresh exam. This is because you will need to update your skills to the new technology. If you wait until the last minute, you won’t have the chance to fully absorb the new changes and you can risk not passing the exam on the first try.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

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Because of this, you should come up with some sort of a plan for refreshing your MCITP certification. Microsoft is supposed to notify you before the certification expires through the Microsoft Certified Professional website, MCP newsletter, or e-mail. They are supposed to tell you what type of refresher Microsoft MCITP training you should take as well as what your options are. But what if they don’t? What if you change e-mails or addresses and never get the notice?

One way to ensure that you won’t forget is to use the technology you have to take charge of it on your own. This could be as simple as creating a spreadsheet detailing each certification that you hold and when it expires and then check it every first day of every month. Another idea is to create a schedule in your contact management software program complete with reminders that

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will pop-up telling you to take action. You can even go ultra low tech and put up a white board in your office with all of the important dates and action points. The main thing is to be aware of the refresh requirements and give yourself plenty of time to prepare so that you are not caught off guard when the time comes.

As with any type of certification program, it’s important to get the appropriate Microsoft MCITP training before attempting to take the certification exams. The training you should take depends largely on the particular mcitp certifications you are pursuing as well as your current MCSE status.

For example, as an MCSE, you can transition your skills to certain MCTS prerequisites which may shorten your MCITP path. If you have an older (pre-2003) MCSE, you will have a longer path ahead of you as you must start from the beginning.

Each of the MCITP programs requires passing at least two certification exams: an MCTS exam and a Pro exam. Depending on the credential you are pursuing, there may be more than one of each of these exams to pass. For example, the IT Professional: Database Developer requires passing one prerequisite MCTS exam (70-431) and two Pro exams (70-441 and 70-442).

In addition to the new generation of certifications, it’s also important to understand that continuous Microsoft MCITP training may be in your future, even after you’ve achieved your goals. That’s because the new program requires an update every three years from the date that you earned your MCTS or MCITP credential.

The update process for an MCITP involves either passing a new free practice IT questions that supports the particular professional series certification you are renewing or passing a specific refresh exam. If you do not do this, your MCITP credential will lapse.

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