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If you’re looking for a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) study program, pay attention to the fact that training varies from company to company; some are much better than others. You’ll discover a selection of programs, whether you’re new to the industry, or have a certain amount of knowledge but are looking to gain accredited qualifications. To pass for an MCSA there are four MCP’s (Microsoft Certified Professional exams) needed to be passed. If you’re new to IT, you’ll probably have to learn a few things before attempting to go for the MCP exams. Search for a training organisation that has a team of advisors who can identify the best way forward for you and will take care to start you at the right entry level.

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It’s important to understand: the training course or the accreditation is not the ultimate goal; the particular job that you want to end up in is. Far too many training organisations completely prioritise the piece of paper. It’s a testament to the marketing skills of the big companies, but a great many students begin programs that seem spectacular from the sales literature, but which provides a job that is of no interest at all. Speak to a selection of college students for a real eye-opener.

Stay focused on where you want to go, and formulate your training based on that – avoid getting them back-to-front. Keep your eyes on your goals – making sure you’re training for something you’ll enjoy for years to come. Talk to someone that has a background in the industry you’re considering, and who can give you a detailed run-down of what to expect in that role. Establishing this well before starting out on a study course has obvious benefits.

Quite often, students have issues with one aspect of their training which doesn’t even occur to them: The method used to ‘segment’ the courseware before being delivered to your home. You may think that it makes sense (when study may take one to three years to achieve full certification,) for a training company to release the training stage by stage, as you achieve each exam pass. Although: Maybe the order of study pushed by the company’s salespeople doesn’t suit all of us. And what if you don’t finish every element within the time limits imposed?

The very best situation would see you getting every piece of your study pack delivered to you immediately; the entire thing! This way, nothing can happen down the line which could affect the reaching of your goals.

Don’t listen to any salesperson that offers any particular course without an in-depth conversation to better understand your current abilities plus your experience level. Make sure they can draw from a expansive product range so they’re able to provide you with what’s right for you. Where you have a strong background, or maybe some work-based experience (possibly even some previous certification?) then it could be that your starting level will be quite dissimilar from a student that is completely new to the industry. If this is your first attempt at studying for an IT examination then it may be wise to cut your teeth on some basic Microsoft package and Windows skills first.

OK, why ought we to be looking at commercial certification as opposed to traditional academic qualifications gained through tech’ colleges and universities? With fees and living expenses for university students increasing year on year, and the industry’s general opinion that accreditation-based training often has more relevance in the commercial field, we have seen a large rise in Microsoft, CISCO, Adobe and CompTIA certified training paths that educate students for considerably less. Of course, an appropriate amount of closely linked information must be covered, but focused specialised knowledge in the areas needed gives a vendor educated student a huge edge.

As long as an employer understands what work they need doing, then all they have to do is advertise for a person with the appropriate exam numbers. Syllabuses are set to meet an exact requirement and can’t change from one establishment to the next (as academic syllabuses often do).

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