iPhone 5 gossip floods internet

Well, I wake up in the morning, I’m still dreaming ’bout you Tell you, pretty baby, I’m blue Wake up in the evening, I’m still screaming out Over you, over you Well, tell me why, why, why do you treat me so bad, so bad When you’re the best friend a man ever had?


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This Paul McCartney song, My Best Friend, best describes the prolonged wait for the much anticipated launch of Apple’s new iphone 5. It has been almost a year since the wait began and it has been spawning all kinds of sites with names that have iphone5 in it.

This is in the hope that the surfeit of curiosity about all things iPhone 5 – just an extension of the hunger for all news Apple – would translate into some revenue for each of those sites.

A casual key search of iPhone 5 throws 2,360,000,000 results of which the first few pages are links to sites speculating on iPhone 5 with artist’s imagination and consumer craziness and geek boyish churlishness thrown in equal measure.

Some of these sites have generated fair amount of advertising like www.iPhone release.org which is a pure iPhone 5 news and in formation site. One indicator of the sites true intentions is a link that leads the visitor to reputationmangementsolutions.com which advices on how to manage your company’s reputation online or enhance it further with their help.

iPhonerelease.org is a case study. Apple may not be aware of the power that online blogs and web sites have these days but the iPhone zeitgeisters are out ether to make hay till the phone doesn’ see the sunshine.

Take for instance www.newsi Phone5.com which has very little offer except for some rumour or news about sourced from some lost prototypes, employees who decided to share some secret, people from the inside, peope familiar with the matter, solid sources, people close to the development.

The rumours sur round the features of the new iPhone to the date of launch to the place of launch. So if you want to know if the new iPhone 5 will be able to give u a shower, cook dinner, serve drinks, do your laundry; undestroyable, unscratchable,? water-proofed, get you high.

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