Configuring the desktop environment of Windows XP

Windows XP sports a different user interface from previous versions of MCSA Certification. While the familiar Start button and Taskbar are still present, the colors have been softened and the Start menu has been reorganized. While the jury is still out on the new look, you should be familiar with the new GUI environment when taking exam 70-270.

Just as with Windows NT and Windows 2000, when a user logs in to a Windows XP workstation, a user profile will be created. This profile stores information about the user, such as his or her desktop and application settings. You should not only understand what is stored in the profile, but also the file structure of the profile and the location where the profile is stored.


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Managing the Windows XP desktop includes software management, which can be done using the Group Policy tool. This utility manages software installation and application access, so you can be sure you will see questions relating to it on your test.

The Program Compatibility Wizard (PCW) is new to Windows XP. This tool lets you run software designed to run under Windows 95, 98, or Me. Once configured to run under the PCW, the application will believe that it is being run on a workstation that’s using one of the legacy operating systems.

As a network administrator, you’ll enjoy the new remote control features that are built in to microsoft exams Windows XP. From a remote location, you’ll be able to control another workstation to provide technical or educational support. This is a great new feature in Windows XP, and you can bet that exam 70-270 will have some questions relating to it.

Microsoft has raised the bar with the Windows XP exams and is attempting to make its certifications much more valuable in the industry. To pass exam 70-270, Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional, you must have an in-depth understanding of the broad topics discussed in this Daily Drill Down.

To prepare for this exam, I highly recommend using one of the many practice exam products available, such as the Exam Essentials practice module. While reading a book and getting hands-on experience will serve you well, actually being quizzed by the practice exam will definitely pay off when you’re in the testing room.

Exam 70-270 is on the upper end of the difficulty scale, and you must be well prepared to pass it. It’s not an impossible task, though, so with a good deal of studying and some free Microsoft practice exam questions experience, you’ll soon be walking out of the testing center with a smile on your face because you have met the challenge and passed this exam. Good luck.

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