Sony PlayStation Network downtime continues; personal data in jeopardy?

As the Sony PlayStation Network blackout continues into almost five days of downtime, there could be more problems than we realize.

The PSN outage started last Wednesday night, and even as of Saturday, Sony reps didn’t have many answers as to what is going on. Here’s what we do know:

* An “external intrusion” is at fault
* Qriocity services will remain down until further notice
* Anonymous, the hacker group that claimed responsibility for the PSN outage earlier this month, claims no involvement this time
* Apps such as Netflix can be accessed still, but it takes multiple login attempts
* Games can still update
* Sony has not said when we can expect this issue to be resolved


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What we don’t know? Whether or not personal data attached to PSN accounts (used for things like Music Unlimited subscriptions, buying games, movies, etc.) is at risk. Sony Computer Entertainment rep Satoshi Fukuoka informed PC World that “the company has not yet determined if the personal information or credit card numbers of users have been compromised.”

We could be looking at something much more serious than just a week or so without access to a network that caters to gaming console owners. And if the worst case scenario happens (i.e. all of that data ends up in the wrong hands), Sony could have a lot of furious customers around the world angry soon. All we can do for now is hope for the best…which isn’t really very reassuring.

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