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The MCSE encompasses client and server operating systems as well as their management and deployment within enterprise scale environments. Network analysis and design using Microsoft technologies is an essential mcse training subject echoing throughout the MCSE syllabus, ensuring that all MCSE students have a thorough understanding of Microsoft technologies and services.


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The MCSE 2003 certification encompasses 7 examinations. Course modules are broken down into 2 major categories, Core examinations and Elective examinations. Below is a description of each. Elective exams/ modules: Seen as the ‘subject with an option’, Microsoft have provided an array of subjects to select from in order to complete your MCSE. This allows the students to further their skills into the field of their choice.

The MCSE MCSE exam 2008 Upgrade Course validates skills related to the core technology features and functionality of Windows Server 2008, from the existing knowledge base of a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) on Windows Server 2003. This exam is intended for IT professionals who currently hold an MCSE on Windows Server 2003 certification and work in the complex computing environment of medium to large companies. The MCSE on Windows Server 2003 is a prerequisite for this exam.

Career Academy Computer-Based Microsoft MCSE training is a cost effective method that meets the critical demands of computer users desiring an MCSE Certification. Experience our expert-led MCSE training courses on your personal computer in a comfortable and convenient environment. You get the feel of a computer training school delivered through flexible and familiar technology.

All of our MCSE Certification Training products are backed by the Career Academy guarantee. We guarantee that after using the Career Academy MCSE training available you will pass your MCSE Exam. The basis of our guarantee is simple, we offer the best and most comprehensive MCSE Certification Training available.

Our MCSE Training comes to life with our full motion video, challenging labs, critical assessment and real-world insight from experts with vast experience in the subject matter. Training comes to life with our full motion video, challenging labs, critical assessment and real-world insight from experts with vast experience in the subject matter. As a Career Academy MCSE candidate, you will have access to many resources among them is our exclusive Learning Zone, providing real-time chat over the internet with a MCSE Expert. We are confident these resources will contribute to your success and passing of your MCSE Exam.

Choosing Career MCITP certification Academy’s MCSE certification training with our expert-created MCSE study guides and interactive labs will result in an engaging learning experience. You will find that Career Academy’s MCSE Certification training is second to none for your MCSE needs. Career Academy alone is the best site to offer the equivalent to an actual Microsoft MCSE Certification training. So, engage in dynamic learning where multiple senses help reinforce learning concepts of the MCSE Certification Exam. See the steps, hear the explanations then put your MCSE skills to work.

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