Open source programming tools on the rise V

Open source programming tool on the rise: NoSQL
The NoSQL trend started several years ago, but it keeps heating up as more websites recognize that their future is in vast quantities of data that don’t need all of the belts and suspenders protections offered by serious databases like Oracle.


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The latest tools make it easier to deploy NoSQL into clouds, many of which are now sold directly to the IT department. Amazon’s SimpleDB can be paid for by the byte, and many other teams are offering additional NoSQL tools as services. Cassandra, for example, is supported by DataStax. MongoDB has inspired more than a handful of cloud hosts. The tools continue to proliferate, boasting almost too many to list. Thank goodness someone is maintaining a list of all the NoSQL databases.

Open source programming tool on the rise: Content management systems
In the old days, there was code being run and code being developed. Even today, most programmers fill up text files and push a button to compile and run the code. This is gradually changing as users gain more and more control to alter the software as it runs.

Drupal websites, for instance, often blend traditional modules with additional code inserted to make decisions about data selection and formatting. Although much of this occurs on the back end, Drupal can be configured to allow users to include PHP code in particular data fields. As a result, programmers aren’t pushing compile and run any longer; instead, they’re updating a bit of running code on the fly. They’re usually smart enough to do this on a test version, but sometimes they even update hot, running code because it’s not that hard. What could possibly go wrong?

This is the ultimate end of open source where anything can be altered on the fly.

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