Use iPad as Second/External Monitor

Adding Multiple monitors to your setup definitely increases productivity. But it can get all tricky without use of the right software. That’s why we had prepared a list of Best Dual, Multi-Monitor Software for your PC, Mac.


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But wait a minute, you already own an iPad, and why not use iPad as secondary/External Monitor ?

Air Display lets you use iPad’s rich IPS display with a  Mac, and Windows users can cherish MaxiVista with iPad. Both of them work wirelessly, without much troubles.

Both these apps, decently priced at $10, let you orient it to the right or left of your PC, Mac (or above/below). There’s no wrong way or Right way of doing it, its Magical!

Works out of the box with both x86 (32bit) and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 for MaxiVista, Snow Leopard for Air Display. If you are wondering how fast can it get, knowing the fact that it work wirelessly of WiFi, typically on windows, video drivers are compatible with the WDDM graphics card standard, and the display frame rate is said to be very close to that of a conventional monitor, but practically speaking, its hard to get over 25fps with some proprietary compression techniques.

Watch the video demo of iPad as Secondary Monitor after the break:

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