Microsoft goes live with WP7 update support page

Microsoft is about to push out an update to Windows Phone 7, this we know. While no one knows the exact date, Microsoft has put up a support page to help user with the update.

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The impending update is expected to bring a few enhancements to Microsoft’s latest mobile platform. Expected in the update is, at minimum, copy & paste functionality and faster load times for 3rd party applications. While the support page does not detail much about the update, it does give end users of an idea what to expect when upgrading. It also lends credit that the update will be pushed out in the near future which is good sign for those who have been waiting.

It is rumored that the update will be landing at some point during February, possibly at Mobile World Congress (February 14-17). Microsoft has been pushing its latest platform hard with approximately 500 million dollar advertising campaign; Microsoft is doing its best to ensure long term prosperity from the platform as it is vital to future Microsoft plans.

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