A network running MCTS Certification

In Windows Server 2003, authentication for domain users is based on user accounts in MCTS Certification Active Directory. Authentication confirms the identity of any user trying to log on to a domain or to access network resources. Windows Server 2003 authentication enables single sign-on to all network resources. With single sign-on, a user can log on to the client computer once, using a single password or smart card, and authenticate to any computer in the domain. To provide security for a network running Windows Server 2003, you must provide access for legitimate users but screen out potential intruders. This means you must set up your security features to authenticate all user access to system resources. Authentication protects against intruders trying to steal identities or impersonate users.

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Note: The Log view of the Performance Monitor is able to track events historically for later review. The Alert, View, and Chart views are real time views that show the current data or alert messages.

What is Event Viewer?
Event Viewer is an administrative utility that displays the event logs of a computer. In Event Viewer, events are categorized as follows:

Events in this category show a significant problem, such as loss of data or loss of functionality.Warning: Events in this category are not necessarily significant but may indicate a possible problem in future.Information: Events in this category describe the successful operation of an application, driver,or service.Success Audit: Events in this free Cisco practice tests category show an 70-620 audited security access attempt that succeeds.Failure Audit: Events in this category show an audited security access attempt that fails.

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